faithful to always send your rain

A faint light seeped into the room.  Though it was in the middle of the day, it appeared to be dusk.  Everything was a bluish gray, the color of elephants and sleepy Sundays.  The rain fell outside, knocking against our window like unrelenting hope.  I held Baby against me and cried as the song played […]


There’s this song called “Pieces” that has been my anthem for the past few months.  It began my journey of daily seeking God 119 days ago, broke me open and healed me, and welcomed Obi into this world.  The words of the song speak of God’s love that is the opposite of every way that […]

be welcomed in this place

Last night I listened to a worship song that goes- We welcome You with praise; We welcome You with praise; Almighty God of love; Be welcomed in this place.  And those words struck me, brought tears to my eyes because it made me realize I haven’t been welcoming Him in all areas of my life. […]

herbs are my mix tapes

Husband makes me herbs everyday.  We have two tall shelves in our living room, lined with jars and jars of dried herbs.  He has a traditional Chinese scale made of copper which he uses to weigh the herbs.  Sometimes he doesn’t use the scale and just grabs a handful, knowing already how much a handful weighs. […]

a broken amulet

O has this pink necklace she calls her amulet because there’s a clear “diamond” heart in the center.  It’s made of plastic beads and clear elastic string.  She has a habit of pulling on the necklace, and I’ve warned her more than once that if she keeps doing that it might break. This afternoon her […]

konmari method

I’m in nesting mode, wanting to throw out things, organize and set up for new life. The night before Valentine’s Day, Husband and I went out for dinner.  We had fresh salad, paella, and meat loaf drenched in gravy.  Then we went to Bay Street and Husband said we could each pick something out for ourselves […]

tea sandwiches and chamomile tea

For lunch today, O and I had tea sandwiches- turkey and cheese with mayo on thick slices of Korean milk bread and peanut butter and blackberry jam on multi-grain.  I brewed a pot of chamomile tea which we sipped from porcelain teacups as we FaceTimed with Husband.  He was eating his sandwich too and making funny […]

vday snapshots

This morning O and I sat under a sky blue bed sheet Husband had set up like a tent over her reading corner.  I sat in her fuzzy white arm chair, and she leaned against me her head nestled in the crook of my neck, listening as I read Roald Dahl’s The BFG.  It was […]

baby toots

Only four more weeks until Baby’s due date.  It all seems a bit unreal.  Last time with O, we were seeing our midwives at least twice a month and attending two hour long classes on labor almost every week it seemed, so it was always on our mind that this baby was coming.  With Baby Toots […]

monday morning

The fuchsia tulips on our dining room table have opened up, spreading their petals and exposing their hearts with an optimism that’s hard to resist.  I woke up only once last night and slept nearly eight hours.  Husband woke up an hour later than his recent 6 A.M. wakings.  We ate fresh Korean toast with butter […]